Shahrukh Khan featured Hyundai next generation i10 TV commercial (TVC) goes live

HMILs (Hyundai Motor India Limited) new commercial for the new Hyundai i10 that features Bollywood Badshah Shahrukh Khan will be aired today. The Bollywood star will seen alongside Manjari Phadnis of JaaneTu…Ya Jaane Na fame, as female lead in the new commercial.

i10 has been the preferred choice of majority in the Indian auto market because of its fuel efficiency and spacious interiors. Here’s a hatchback that has been Hyundai’s most successful car in India. Through the storyline portrayed in the commercial, Hyundai wants to bring forth the message of ‘all good things’ that come with the new i10.

SRK featured Hyundai next generation i10 TV commercial depicts what it means to live a life that is fruitful, engaging and brilliant. Styling of the new i10 has been showcased exceptionally. Launched in October 2007, the i10 made a huge impact with its entry. In 2008 the i10 won the Car of The Year Award. In September 2010 the next generation i10 was revealed. Now, it’s time for the new 2012 i10.

News release: Hyundai’s new i10 TVC featuring SRK goes on air

Hyundai Motor India Ltd’s (HMIL) new TV commercial for the Next Gen i10 featuring Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan goes on air today; Khan is supported by Manajari Phadnis who plays the female lead in the commercial. The TVC is built around the theme of, “The World is on your side when you drive an i10,” — the film unfolds to show how “good things” happen to Khan as soon as he gets into an i10.

Announcing the launch of the new television commercial, Mr. Arvind Saxena, Director Marketing and Sales, HMIL, said, “The i10 has been one of our most successful cars, with the new commercial we want to reiterate the message that the i10 continues to be a preferred choice with competition nowhere close to it in styling, features or mileage.”

The storyline revolves around the “good” things that the i10 brings to its owners. As Khan starts driving the car, he gets great company in the form of Manjari next to him. And the weather that was looking ominous also begins to turn sunny as he drives along. The whole theme has been explained with the help of a device that is a — “benevolent imaginary hand” this hand makes Khan’s luck turn good. The commercial depicts how the i10 becomes a means of acquiring a life that is brilliant.

The i10 was launched in October 2007. It was awarded the Indian Car of the Year Award in 2008. In September 2010 the Next Gen i10 was launched.

Hyundai Next Gen i10 – TVC