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23 year old woman blames GPS for driving car into a lake

A 23 year old woman drove her Toyota Yaris into a lake in Tobermory, Ontario, Canada, while following her GPS.

A young woman driver in Canada was following precise instructions of the car’s GPS, which ended in her driving into a lake on Thursday night. Following GPS instructions, the woman drove down a boat launch, took a wrong turn and ended up into Little Tub Harbour.

She was able to roll down the windows and get out of the car following which she swam some 30 meters (about 100 feet) to safety in 4ºC water.

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The woman was cold and completely unhurt but her car, Toyota Yaris ended up at the bottom of the lake and had to be towed out on Friday morning. Police blame the incident on foggy weather and a faulty driver’s GPS.

This is not the first incident where drivers have found themselves in embarrassing situations thanks to following GPS. While in the earlier days drivers strictly followed road maps, sign boards and instructions, today, drivers rely entirely on the car’s advanced GPS technology which indicates with a voice of authority, the road to be taken.

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In 2011, a group of young women drove their SUV into a lake near Seattle and blamed a faulty GPS while in 2012, some Japanese tourists visiting Australia followed their GPS straight into the Pacific Ocean. Last year, a woman was burnt to death after her husband followed his GPS and drove off a ramp into a demolished bridge.


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